Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feeling this storm

Mother Nature is angry today

she’s got something on her mind.

She is pushing the trees back and forth

daring them to break.

The wind is wildly whipping up a frenzy

in the clouds.

The darkness rolled in quickly

on this hot summer day.

The temperature is rapidly dropping

there is an ominous sound in the air.

The threat of storm is imminent

warnings of this and that.

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, certainly floods

are on their way.

I’m sitting outside listening as the silence

has become filled.

There are sirens screaming in the distance

someone has fallen from the bridge.

Visibility has gone from bad to worse

and the rain has started to fall.

Those first few drops bring that smell

of the earth becoming wet.

Soon though, the ground

 will begin to overflow.

I am out here in spite of the warnings

to stay indoors, it’s still a serious threat.

I feel like I need to talk to this growing storm

she is saying all the things today that I can’t.

Thunder just came in with a heavy rumble

shaking the silence again with a roaring voice.

Lightning will be the next to come

with a sudden electric pulse.

I want to feel this power

fill the space around me.

I want to walk for miles

soaked completely to  the bone.

I want to be absolutely overtaken

by the power of something that cannot be contained.




  1. it took out a cherry tree out front our house...fell about 7 feet from the porch...and knocked the power out....and cell signal...its a pretty awesome power to watch...not sure i want to be taken over by it yet...smiles.

  2. For me, poetry that personifies nature or any of her aspects has so much to teach. Hope you have no bad effects from the storm. It's been a tough year.

  3. Nature never fails to humble me...

  4. You really have captured the power of that storm. Such storms always frighten me...and I have a great fear/respect for the possibilities that could be once the lightening and thunder begins. This is REALLY well penned.