Friday, June 21, 2013

The Impetus of Change

where do you go to try yourself on

when your heart doesn’t know its own name?

when you’ve turned yourself inside out

and upside down in attempt to heal those wounds?

is there somewhere safe, somewhere warm

is there someone who holds you close?

or are you out there flailing wildly

hoping something will hold?

do you know what silence sounds like

as it falls down around your soul?

does it terrify you at your core

the thought of being alone?

there is something inherently evident

in the words and the phrases we choose.

to signify change and growth has occurred

and when it is time to learn.

feelings take hold at the center of you

shaking you from within.

challenging everything you ever thought

you knew about yourself.

uncomfortable, uneasy, restless

at the thought of the unknown.

the feeling of coming unhinged

or terrifyingly numb.

unknown, uncertain, unsure of it all

yet with certainty knowing one thing.

that something is wrong and crying out

that something has to change.

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