Monday, June 3, 2013

Different Perspectives

Trying to see clearly through this lens

but the tears keep blurring my sight.

I am trying to wind this story back

 to the beginning and start again.

I want to see what happened

from a different point of view.

But the only view I have is mine

and it is cloudy and confused.

I wanted to be anonymous

no pictures, no last name.

Just words on pages, telling tales

letting feelings speak for me.

You came in like a whirlwind

and swept me off my feet.

Not once, but twice, we had to take

a step back from the intensity.

I should have known and should have run

and stayed away for good.

But I came back into the conversation

and listened much too hard.

I drank your words like an elixir

that was healing all of my wounds.

Clinging to them through long dark nights

when I was lying here alone.

I tried to do the right thing

and walk away with pride.

“Wait!” and I could not walk away

I thought you wanted me there.

I guess we just got caught up

let our weaknesses lead us astray.

It hurts so much because I honestly did

just get caught up in all that you said.

I felt some very deep, very real things

and I thought that you did too.

But again we have a very different idea

of what actually happened here.  

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