Friday, June 7, 2013


there is this unsettled lingering

of emotion rampant and strong.

anxious heartbeat waking me

throughout the night.

pulse racing and slowing

with no inherent sense of me.

I am spinning with feelings

that I cannot resolve.

fragments of words,

conversations shared.

pictures of stories

that I have written of us.

too much, too deep,

you know exactly how I feel.

too intense, too raw

I know way too much about you.

 how to find consonance

within this dissonance.

where I can find melody

and rhythm again?

is there a way out of the chaos

that has me almost paralyzed?

is there a road here

that I can take to find me again?

I dreamt us into some magical realm

where it would all fall into place.

where you would come to me

and walk into my arms.

you made me feel so wanted and needed

and in that I simply lost my mind.

but the reality now is brutally clear

and I must find a way to lay this down.

is there a way to know you on another plane

another space, another existence in time?

is there a way for me to feel sane again

or will this always be emotion unresolved?


1 comment:

  1. Andrea, the rawness of this is palpable. I want to say give it time...because time is the great healer, the great equalizer...but it sounds trite.