Saturday, June 8, 2013


This is a new song. It's just a song about a broken heart and moving on.


  1. There’s always so much more to say
    good~night, good~bye too much to take.
    Endless words now ringing hollow
    sometimes choices must be made.

    so for now i will put my heart away....
    really moving lyrics...could not get any sound to come when i played it but def felt the lyrics....

  2. Oh, but this was lovely, Andrea! "I know I will learn to breathe..." - loved it!

  3. "I am thinking about you again
    in ways I shouldn’t be
    Feeling too much of everything
    letting it get the best of me."
    the first verse took me, it's a familiar feeling, and the whole song is lovely.. can so relate to it.

  4. Rather lyrical - but says a lot in a little.

  5. Wow. First of all, I never heard you sing before, so I joined the site and will feast later. Your voice is a pleasure. Secondly, Wow. Windows on display and seashells on the shore are so hard to walk away from, but love will always find breath. Over time it gets easier. Your lyrics capture the difficulties, your poem tone clarifies sad/resigned/trust in self, and the even meter makes the song tone something I ca rest and breathe in (and even sing along).

  6. Beautiful song really! Very sad and moving. I do hope you are doing something with your doing the coffee house circuit or something. You write / sing from the heart.