Friday, June 14, 2013

All Things Become

when voices rise in harmonious unison
 the song comes from deep in the heart.
when life begins with a footstep
discovery becomes an open road.
beginning to live, to love, to feel
breathing, a learned response.
everything feels like the very first time
like the sun at the break of day.
there is something here in this magic
in this feeling of joy and delight.
in growing up out of a long dark sleep
to feel the coming back of life.
there is rhythm rocking back and forth
as if on the crest of a wave.
waiting to carry me to shore
to a place where I can stand.
the sun glittering on the sea of blue
the sounds like a song in my ears.
a feeling that all things come together
that we have somehow been here before.
that this experience has come
to make everything else seem clear.
the joy is building in a language
that seems foreign but I understand.
I somehow can sing at the top of my lungs
words I have never said.
building to a crescendo
a height that seems absurd.
culminating in a final crash
as all things become one.
turning around and around again
until everything can be seen.
~ ~ ~ ~
Prompted to write outside my comfort zone,
I wrote this while listening to Circle of Life,
the Broadway version,
very loud with headphones on.
I always write in silence
so this was a real challenge.


  1. This is a place I have visited perhaps a handful of times in my life...and always yearn to return. Gorgeous, Andrea!

  2. This is gorgeous and very enlightened/inspirational!

    The new prompt is up =)