Saturday, June 22, 2013

feeling it

today for the first time

I can feel it all.

the outcome of decisions

made in the name of good.

the right thing, integrity

protecting the sacred heart.

but in that there is

a terrible amount of pain.

I let you go, I had to

you have to find your way.

if it leads you back to me someday

the choice will be yours.

the push and pull, the back and forth

the choices that need to be made.

have to be yours and you

must make them alone.

I know what I want, I made it clear

I laid my heart out at your feet.

with fingertips you touched it

but you could not take hold.

the intensity of the moments

that lead us to this place.

were enough to shake

even the depth of my resolve.

so I will keep my steps in line

moving forward away from here.

from this place where my heart

is weeping for you.

I will hold the memory, tender and sweet

and let it slip away.

I will wish you happiness and joy

and hope that I find them too.

we shared a magical moment

in a secret place in time.

we were poetry and stories

and words forever etched in stone.



  1. Letting go can be difficult, but memories remain.

  2. I have been there. And the saying about letting go is so true. If love comes back to you, it was always meant to be.