Saturday, June 30, 2012


There are things like words and places

sounds and smells are such things.

Things like memories, things like visions

thought provoking things.

It’s amazing how many things affect me

how many things set me off.

How many times a day I find myself

mindfully drifting off.

At first it was things that we shared

things that were part of our life.

Things that were part and parcel,

the fabric of our life.

There were moments and days and time that passed

and all of it bound by these things.

Now the moments have become staggering reminders

that are simply filled up with these things.

It’s not even so much the reality

of the time that together we spent.

It’s now the cost of a lifetime lost

and forevers that will never be spent.

So the triggers are pulled and the buttons pushed

each day by so many things.

And I am learning to walk through the pain and the loss

that is wrapped up in all of those things.



  1. ugh...that is tough...def. not easy to go through this...there rings hope in your a path leading to a new future and toward light

    1. thank you Claudia~ I'm trying to keep to that path you speak of:)

  2. i feel you...our pain tends to tinge all the parts of our lives....the things we once did but no more...some hard emotion in this...

  3. and def hope you stay safe as well...

  4. This is very sad! Yes, some people seem to have the gift of knowing what buttons to push! Not easy to ignore sometimes either.

  5. Not easy walking through the pain of losing the one we love. I read your 'anniversary' post. Feel that and this so much. And yes, some people know exactly what buttons to push.

    1. thank you! it's been a rough road, leaving the words here helps to keep moving forward.

  6. Walking through the pain and loss is hard - but they keep telling us that farther along that path, the missing will turn to celebration of the time we have written this beautifully.

  7. "forevers that will never be spent"; that's the toughest one to deal with. I so want forever to be just that. I think we all do.
    A wonderful--though sad--write.

  8. Sad yes, but incredibly've got us all rooting for you now!

  9. So sad but prevalent. Just remember that others may push the buttons but only you control what happens when it is pushed. Stay strong *hug*

  10. the ache here felt...the new found absence of the break creates such the storm, you have expressed it wonderfully in this piece. ~ Rose

  11. I felt this to the core it had a sense of despondency at first then a hope glimmered through

  12. The 'buttons' pressed are always the simplest when loss is involved so a powerful image to explore.

  13. Much is accumulated over one's life, sometimes the mind can go back, relive, dwell a little. Some things happen, I reacted in that way, now I'm on this path. Much of this poem parallels my mood more often than I would like to admit.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    - Ravenblack

  14. Yup, we've all wasted time with people who are not worth it! Here speaketh the voice of experience hahaa x well written angst

  15. Here's hoping your finding healing through this blog--I know I did through mine. Keep writing through the pain; you WILL come out stronger on the other side.