Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tryingt to learn to live alone

Time keeps passing and with it distance grows

yet somehow I can still feel you here.

Maybe I’m just hanging on because that is what I do

maybe you were never supposed to leave.

Even through the things I know and wish I never knew

the things that still keep haunting me each day.

I still see your face when I think about forever

and feel the ever present absence of you here.

I guess we weren’t supposed to be together

I don’t even really know what that means.

I can’t stop thinking of you as my love and my life

and you are already living in another world.

Why has all this happened is what I need to find

some answer as to why everything I dreamed of is now gone.

Why did you just walk away and walk right into her

was anything between us ever real?

When did you stop loving me, I really wish I knew

but you stopped telling me the truth so long ago.

Who were you really lying to, was it you or was it me

it’s an answer that I will never ever find.

How did I become so obsolete, so unimportant, so suddenly

when did all this happen and why did I not know?

You promised me you loved me yet you forgot me

and you so quickly replaced me while I was still standing there.

I’ll never understand this, but I simply hope one day

that my heart will find its way to the end of this pain.

That I won’t miss your smile, your laugh, the twinkle in your eye

and that I will learn how to live my life alone.

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