Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brand New

Today is another day and here I am

trying to figure out why I’m still here.

Today I am thinking about my footprint

knowing that I can draw it in the sand.

Today is another day I woke up lonely

but for a moment found the beauty in being alone.

Today is another day with so much silence

but in the silence I heard something that I needed to say.

Today is another day filled up with choices

and today I know I have the right to choose.

Today I can try and then I can try again

and today I even know that I can fail.

Today I know that there will be tomorrow

and in that there will be another day.

Another day to try, another day to be

another day to find the answers that I seek.

But for today, I’ll take it as it comes

and I’ll do the very best with it I can.

Today I’ll listen, today I’ll learn

and today I’ll find comfort in knowing that things can change.

Today I’ll take a step and maybe just one

but it’s one more than I took yesterday.

Today isn’t the first day but it’s certainly not the last

so in that, today I feel brand new.

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