Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Don't Want To Feel

These are lyrics to a song I wrote today:

I want to hold on to the darkness
This hollow feeling filling up my chest
I want to say things out of anger ~ no restraint
I want to lay this thing to rest

I don’t want to feel         x2

I want to turn you into nothing
A memory left lying on the floor
Forgotten ~ just the way you left me
No thoughts of you anymore

I don’t want to feel     x2

I want to forget you like I never knew your name
I want to forget you and let you take all the blame
I want to forget you and leave you far behind
I have to forget you, you will never be mine
I don’t want to feel

There isn’t anything inside me
The words and places lead me back to you
I’m going crazy and I’m losing
Myself in all these memories of you.


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