Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dreams~ the moral compass

Where do you find that the answers come to you,

is it in the quiet places where no one speaks your name?

Is it in the lonely place where you lay your head to rest,

is it in the ever mystifying places you dream?

Are the interpretations clear or do they pass you by

can you see what you were really supposed to see?

Do you understand what your self is trying to tell you

or do you forget it all as quickly as you awoke?

Do you stay quietly with those visions for a moment

listening for all that is in there for you to hear?

Or do you pass it off as just another story

an entertaining tale that has been told?

My answers come often lately in that quiet

through the many and varied visions that I dream.

The average person dreams 153 times a night!

I’m sure in that case average defines me.

It’s all there in color, or is it black and white

actually, that’s interesting, I don’t know.

Either way the messages are calling out to be heard

whether I can hear them or not is what remains to be seen.

I’m listening for answers to all of the questions

or for validation of making the right choice.

It keeps coming and I’m feeling like this road has opened up

and the darkness is finally giving way to dawn.

I feel like dreams are my moral compass

the voice that I cannot make go away.

I can’t reason with them or hush them into silence

they are the conscience whether or not I listen to what they say.

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