Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lingering Dreams

Please just go and get out of my dreams

get out of my unconscious mind.

You fill up my dreams and take up my thoughts

and leave a bleeding stain on my heart.

You’re in every shadow and crevice

every dark, quiet place.

Ironic now since when you were here

I couldn’t find you at all.

But now you linger and leave traces

of memories and hopes long lost.

A constant reminder of what I no longer have

and how alone I am now.

I keep seeing you when I close my eyes

so much so that I don’t want to sleep.

But I am exhausted from fighting this battle each day

and I’m sick of being so awake.

Sick of being clear and aware and raw

sick of knowing too well all that I feel.

Sick of being lonely, sick of being sad,

I just want to drift off for a while.

But every time I do, there you are

and unfortunately so is she.

There with you, living the life that was mine

and here I am just trying to breathe.

I can’t get rid of the images,

of the things that will never be erased.

The things I never should have had to see

but that was the only way to get the truth.

I remember now that I deserve more

than you ever gave to me.

But I can’t forget how much I loved

and how much I believed in you.

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