Friday, June 1, 2012

Not Worth The Cost

And this is why I’ll never do this again

never give my heart to anyone else.

I was done with all of it years six ago

and had been done for seven years.

You came along and I believed you

I wanted you to take me away.

You did, in fact, to the other side of the world

and then you walked away.

You never said you didn’t love me anymore

in fact, you said the opposite was true.

That you loved me so much it was breaking your heart

but there was something missing in you.

Well now we see what was missing

it was simply that I wasn’t her.

That you had grown tired of being with me

and that was the end of this tale.

I changed my whole life to be with you

I left everything that I knew.

I searched and searched inside of myself

to learn how to be someone new.

It didn’t last very long until you wandered away

searching for something that wasn’t me.

But you came back and swore that you loved me

and that you had made a mistake.

I should have left you then

because things were never the same.

I never really trusted you with everything

and always feared it would happen again.

You lied to me and betrayed me

and really all for what?

You could have just said that you didn’t love me

and with your head held high walked away.

Now I can’t see you or look at you or hear your voice

and this is what we have lost.

Maybe it’s nothing after all

but to me it’s not worth the cost.

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