Sunday, June 24, 2012

A pained rant

Why am I the fool who’s left here aching

the pathetic wreck nursing a broken heart?

Why am I the one who’s given all of this to you

when you have given all of you to her?

Why am I the idiot who still mourns you

when I doubt my memory ever crosses your mind?

Why am I still sitting here crying

when for months now you have been with her?

I’m stuck, I’m broken, I’m still so sad, I’m hurting

I don’t know how to make it go away.

I wish I’d never seen your face, never heard your name

I wish that I had never loved you at all.

I just want to make it all disappear

the way you made it all vanish into the air.

How dare you tell me that you still mourn our loss

tell me, does she wipe away your tears?

It sickens me and saddens me and makes me angry

that I believed in you while you lied to me.

“We’re just friends, I swear to you, I promise”

I’ll never believe in anyone again.

You did it, you got me to the place where I can hate you

now can you just do something to take away this pain?

Of course you can’t, and I know you can’t be bothered

I just want to stop it! Make it go away!

I never want to see your face again

and for that I wish I’d never seen it at all.

It wasn’t worth the loss and the place I’ve come to

it wasn’t worth what it ultimately cost.

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