Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do Not Stop Here

I cannot let this need for you derail me

I’m on this road because you put me here.

I can’t forget that you chose not to be with me

and the choices you make can no longer matter to me.

I want to tell you so very many things

about who you are and what I’ve always seen.

But it can no longer be of consequence

when the only one suffering the consequence is me.

This would have been the perfect time and place

for you to walk into yourself and spend some time.

To alone, dig into the things that are driving you away

but you just stopped at the next bump in the road.

It doesn’t have to be the life you’ve chosen

you are not defined by this, I swear.

But you are setting a dangerous pattern, affecting not only you

be careful my love of the choices that lead you here.

I have to take my mind away from thoughts of you again

and remember you are the one who broke my heart.

The problem is I love you just as much as I’m still in love

and for my heart that may never ever change.

I care about what happens to you but I have to put me first

and I have to quietly slip away alone.

To disappear into this place of trying to understand

how I can become myself again.

I wish peace for you and your ever searching heart

and hope that one day you find it in yourself.

It’s not out there in someone else and you know that

you just tore yourself to shreds and can’t see it now.

I’ll be moving down my road again

digging and searching deep for what I’ve lost.

Maybe one day our paths will bring us back

to a place where we can smile when meet.

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