Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Is there some place, some realm or frame of time

that is slightly shadowed in grey?

Is there a word or phrase that I can use

to express that I am lost?

Is there a space within your vision, something you can see

that could silently help you understand?

 Is there a question I can ask of you

that would make me feel at peace?

From one place to another

somewhere between here and there,

I am supposed to know

from whom and to who I’ve become.

In words never spoken and voices unheard

with ears that cannot translate the sound,

I am supposed to engage conversation

when it feels like I’m speaking in tongues.

Do you know me know? I surely don’t

and I’m trying to dig my way in,

In pages left unwritten and songs still unsung

a whisper the only sound that I hear.

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