Friday, November 11, 2011

November Chill

I guess that’s the problem with opening doors

now everything can come in.

All those wandering little feral things

that had been previously kept at bay.

On warm summer days it’s easy

to throw the shutters wide.

Unlatch doors and let them fall open

and stand in the rays of the sun.

But when winter’s chill has hit this room

there is sometimes nowhere to hide.

The wind winds its way through the cracks in the walls

and finds its way under your skin.

Be cautious with that morning light,

her beauty may lead you astray.

She may call to you far from the comfort of your room

and you will run blindly into her light.

She is gorgeous and warm and feels like velvet on your skin

and it is hard not to simply get lost.

But when the darkness of November rolls in on a gray cloud

she will be on the other side of the world.

Still, is it worth a frolic on an unseasonably warm day

to run outside without a coat?

The heat of her may burn your skin

 and keep you warm through winter’s reign.

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