Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love, unrestrained

I want to practice recklessness

I want to bare my heart to you.

I want to throw caution and fear

directly into the face of a fiercely blowing wind.

I want to write letters of declaration

place them in a bottle and toss them into the sea.

I want to sing in heaven’s highest refrain

of the glory of this love.

I want to take you into the warmth of my arms

and dance you across this room.

I want to stare into your crystalline eyes

and see the future through you.

In the moments that come, the moments that go,

I want to be presently awake and alive.

I want to abandon all doubt and reticent pain

and open myself up to you.

I want to run through fields, screaming your name

and set fireworks off on display.

I want to sing songs of my undying love for you

and carve your name into a tree.

I want to hold your hand as we walk together

I want to open doors and lead you through.

I want to build you a house and make you a home

and keep you safe and warm inside.

Reckless abandon, love unrestrained,

living each day as if it were the last.

Set free to love you wildly

I am bound only by truth.

1 comment:

  1. strong emotions, aptly delivered.

    Glad to meet, invite you to join poets rally week 56 today.

    a free verse or a random poem is welcome.
    best wishes.