Friday, November 25, 2011

New Day ~ Learning

I’m learning how to do this slowly

a little more each day.

Learning how to calm and quell

the voices that have so much to say.

I’m learning how to be

the woman that I have implied.

In thought and word and action and deed

I am learning to live revealed.

I am learning how to trust in truth

and to living fully exposed.

Where the answers may not always be

what your heart was hoping to hear.

I am learning to risk standing on the edge

perilously close to the fall.

I am learning to fall with head held high

no matter how much it hurts.

I am learning to sleep more soundly

without anything left to hide.

I am learning to live in the moments

before they are just memories I am longing for.

I am learning to live unfettered

untied, unchained, and unbound.

I am learning to breathe in slowly and steadily

instead of holding my breath.

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