Friday, November 18, 2011


A song, a story, a fable, a tale

words that mark the passage of time.

Reminiscent echoes of moments passed

of days and the years gone by.

Stand before the mirror and let your mind

wander down corridors and halls.

Look through windows, open doors

and walk through the streets of your soul.

Signposts and guides are the gauges

to measure the distance you’ve come.

Laid out before you mapping the way

as tomorrow this journey continues on.

In looking back and remembering

all that I have been and become.

I am thoughtful and wistful yet careful to see

that my reflection is still staring back.

There isn’t room for regret or remorse

or for wishing I had done…

These are simply snapshots in the book of my life

and a pause before turning the page.

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