Thursday, November 24, 2011

Walk on a warm day

I walked through the streets for miles
towards what, I don’t really know.
Into something or away from something
this feeling I can’t really name.
Through piles of leaves that have helplessly fallen
and covered the earth in red.
Through trees and bushes all the colors of fall
on an unseasonably warm day.
I am walking to sort out the tension I feel
walking to clear out my mind.
Walking to bring me back to the place
where there is nothing but thankful joy.
I am trying to quiet the voices I hear
the opinions of what I should do.
I am concentrating on one step then the next
to find the quiet space where I feel.
     It’s simple really after hours on the road
                   to lovingly come back home.
         To see you sitting in the afternoon sun
                your face lit in a gentle glow.
               The day is slipping slowly away
                 the metaphor a little to real.
       I want to wrap you in this moment forever
        before the winter chill enters the room.
            I am here today and here with you
              and forever I will recall this day.
      The warm soft sun on a gentle afternoon
           when life couldn’t steal away time.

*being thankful, prompted by*


  1. sounds like a beautiful day...when i want to think and need to get my head free i usually walk as well..towards or away from something..who can really tell...happy thanksgiving andrea

  2. smiles. i feel that tension of trying to fight off all the other things that try to steal that joy...and also wanting to hold on to those moments...i hope it ends a really long day in a good way...

  3. "life couldn't steal away time" hmmmm interesting concept

  4. perfect ending line...i like it ~

    nice to meet you ~

    happy thanksgiving ~

  5. I am getting ever so slightly concerned, that all writers/poets are insane, as we all appear to have these little voices in our heads, chattering away constantly ;-)

    "Into something or away from something
    this feeling I can’t really name."

    I think we have all visited this crossroads at some point. A beautiful write that I enjoyed immensly

  6. Sometimes the tension is what drives us to appreciate the seasonal "now" moments. I hope the winter chill was staved off as long as possible.

  7. true sentiments, at times, tension makes us stop and rethink what we choose or think.