Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Wanting

It’s hard to have faith in moments such as these

hard to hold on to that thread.

As it twists and it turns in the grip of my hand

it begins to unravel at the ends.

It’s hard to feel the need of wanting you

and to draw back an empty hand.

It’s endless this desire and this ache that I feel

and nothing gives me any sort of peace.

I want to feel the warmth of your skin next to mine

touch you from the outside in.

Wrap myself around you and take you into me

consuming the beauty that is you.

You are my heart and my soul’s desire

you are the quickening of my breath.

Mysterious and magic and just beyond my reach

you are the honeycomb hidden in a tree.

I want to taste the sweetness of you on my lips

feel the weight of you upon me.

I want to tear down whatever is keeping you from me

here, I want you to feel free.

There is nothing that I wouldn’t give,

 nothing that I wouldn’t take.

To love you anew, to love you again

to hear you say, ‘I’m so glad it’s you’…

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