Saturday, November 5, 2011

Slightly Clearer

Through the hazy mist between us

I can see you

eyes a slightly darker shade of grey.

In the gentle words spoken

I can feel you

taking me back into your arms again.

The doors have all been thrown open

the quiet places we hide

have been exposed.

We have put down our shields

and laid down our arms

and we take what we own as ours.

Even through those slate colored eyes

I can see

the girl that I love.

The shaking has ceased

yet my heart is still trembling

as I take you into my arms.

With a passion I need to feel

the closeness of our bodies

connected as if we were one.

With a fire in my heart

I reach for you

and take you back into me.

You touch me at the

the depths of my soul

like nothing I’ve ever known.

You breathe life back in

to my weary heart

and remind me how intensely I love.

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