Saturday, November 19, 2011


Prompted by

It isn’t always visible,
 something you can see.
Not something you can name
or place your finger directly on.
It might be the tone of a word
spoken in harried haste.
It might be the sound of a voice
when the meaning of the words has been lost.
The distance that comes from a faltering touch
anticipation never released.
The space where the air expands
between exposed and untouched skin.
The face that wanders into your sight
is unrecognizable to you.
The hair, the eyes, the shape of the smile
unsure, but something has changed.
You speak and I listen to words
that I know I’ve heard somewhere before.
The meaning unclear, the context unknown
there must be some reason for them.
Something here has been altered,
something that used to exist.
Interacting like clumsy strangers
who have never even met.


  1. mmm...def felt...seen...acting like strangers...its not hard to see when something is off like that...nice capture of it...

  2. you've captured that knowing before seeing, sensing before having proof really well..something has been altered which used to exist.. and it feels a bit like using the ground under the feet

  3. I do like this, just knowing before being told. How often I have seen this, small example my youngest son after he had proposed to his wife, my life after an accident, the same but different.

  4. Sometimes, misunderstanding does impact

    relations a lot.

    Truly enjoyed your perspective of life in many levels,

  5. I find this an astonishingly deep and honest poem, one that I understand fully, unfortunately. Matter of fact, I think I'll print it to keep. :)

    Wanted to compliment your blog template design. I love the transparency of the page...floating words over the fine photo. Am quite captivated by it.

  6. The space where the air expands
    between exposed and untouched skin - awesome line - really a beautiful poem. thank you.