Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Distance Travelled

Sometimes there is nothing but me

and the quiet of this room.

Sometimes the silence falls so softly

that I scarcely feel it arrive.

I sit here with memories, calling forth

the echoes of a lonely soul.

I linger long on stories past

of things I’ve said and done.

Time has been slow and time has been long

as I have gathered dust on my shoes.

Through rain filled forests and wind swept fields

there are traces of the places I’ve been.

There are visions soft and images warm

and things that I simply cannot recall.

There are stories scratched onto paper worn

the edges burned and raw.

The scars on my skin and the lines on my soul

define the life that I’ve lived.

The uneven path where my footsteps have been

are the evidence of lessons learned.

There are places where I have stopped to rest

places where I have moved on.

Places where I wished to have laid down and died

and places where it just wasn’t time.

There is a story in every step I have taken

the journey sometimes far, far too long.

But I stand here steady, this ground firm as stone

looking back on how far I have come.

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