Thursday, November 24, 2011

To show you...

I want to understand what this feels like for you

I want to take your pain and hold it in my hands.

I want to hear every word that falls from your lips

and know exactly what to say.

I want to tell you how gorgeous you truly are

and cast a soft light over you.

I want to make love to every single inch

of your soft and tender curves.

There is nothing I can say to convey this to you

as you say that biased is what I am.

Why is what I say so discounted in this

yet you expect me to know what to say?

The things that I know, they are simple and true

and I know that you don’t want to hear them.

I love you, I want you and I ache to show you how,

to make you feel the way that I see you.

I would hold you high and carry you along

on my shoulders in celebration.

For the beauty in you sparks a fire in me

and the heat is beginning to sting.

My breath is taken at the sight of you

at your steel blue crystalline eyes.

At legs and fingers, graceful and long

at a smile that steals my heart.

Feminine and elegant, head held high

gestures that take me away.

I am over the moon at the sight of you

it is visceral, it is base, it is core.

An instinctual and physical reaction

one that I cannot control.

Your discomfort is evident and I understand

but not how to ease your pain.

If I could love it away in soft tender strokes

I would never take my hands off of you.

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