Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Looking for my voice again.....

I need you to want me

to feel the heat of you against my skin.

I need those moments where in anticipation

I can hardly breathe.

I need the seconds, I need the hours,

I need the days where I need nothing but you.

I need to feel the distance

of only air between us.

I need to see that sparkle

that tiny blue twinkle in your eye.

I need that sweet simple smile

that you only ever had for me.

I need the walls that are growing up around me

to crumble as you tear them down.

  I need anger and fear to become

words that I no longer know.

I need to slice through the scars

that are suffocating my heart.

I need to crawl and claw my way back

to the place from which I’ve run.

I need to find peace, I need to find comfort,

I need to find safety and warmth.

I need to remember you and

you need to remember me.

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