Sunday, March 31, 2013

Too small, too BIG

Poetics – Modern Day Mythology
Mary's dverse prompt this week is "to think of a character that we were familiar with, one that  might be fun, inspiring, or even provocative to write about. It can be a real person or a fairy tale character or folk tale character.
Here we go!
Looking for adventure
Alice takes a fall.
she tumbles into another world.
With mystical illusions
and advice from a caterpillar.
She can’t decide if she wants to be BIG
or small.
Drinking from the bottle
and eating the mushrooms and cakes.
She tries to walk through many different doors.
As she grows too quickly everyone starts to tease her
and too much pepper always makes her sneeze.
Running in circles proves to get you nowhere
and this is the stupidest tea party she’s ever seen!
Playing games with one dimensional faces
who at the slightest dissatisfaction scream
“off with his head!”
The Gryphon takes her to the trial
but on the way
she is chastised by the Dormouse
for being too BIG.
Everyone grows, she says,
as if she’s the one on trial
and with that she is stricken from the court.
Citing Rule 42,
the King and Queen are upon her
 she covers her head from the hail of playing cards.
Slowly she awakens by the river
and shakes the leaves from her tousled hair.
The adventure over
she walks easily through the door
and suddenly
she is just the right size again.


  1. i need to watch alice in wonderland again...i dont remember it all i do like the tea party def has some metaphors for our age as well...happy sunday

  2. This was a fun read. Moral: Don't listen to advice from a caterpillar?? Smiles. I am glad that after her adventures Alice ended up to be just the right size again!!

  3. I like the BIG and small fonts, you have a delightful imagination ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  4. A very fun read and makes me want to return to the original too. Thanks. k.

  5. do know how to explore Alice's world...don't you? your take reads like the real verson and as if not twisted that's how realistic & effective your version to me is... i really enjoyed it...great great write... smiles... happy easter...

  6. Very good trip through a familiar land of wonders that always make me wonder; what was that guy on?

  7. good to find the right size play on alice...really have to read the story again..

  8. it's nice to finally be the right size

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