Sunday, March 24, 2013


Fear of the dark and insomnia

are hard for someone who lives alone.

I remember a time when you were the cure

to all of my sleepless nights.

I remember the times when I woke up

to the treasure of you next to me.

You were comfort and safety in shining armor

you kept the dragons at bay.

The weight of you lying next me

would almost lull me to sleep.

In those days you would stay awake

until I was lost in dreams.

I would hear the sound of your breathing

and feel the heat of your skin.

Nothing could hurt me, fear was gone.

nothing hid under the bed.

I remember how you called me angel

and would tell me stories into the night.

Fiercely protective, wrapping me up

in the cradle of your arms.

Now it’s just me and on nights like this

I am small and my tears, so big.

Drowning me in memories and I’m still afraid

of things that go bump! in the night.

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