Saturday, March 23, 2013


This is for dverse poets Poetics
the prompt from Claudia is about a conversation with
a historical figure living or dead.
Who else would I think of for this?
I sat down next to her at the table
face framed in feathers pink and bright.
Slightly askew, slightly unhinged,
but her smile was all that I could see.
She laughed at my hesitation
with a voice that sounded like whiskey
Oh, the things I wanted to ask her!
The things I wanted to say!
Overwhelmed by the aching,
by the senseless of the loss…
I wanted to ask her why!
Why she had to go!
The thing is though, I understand,
the inevitability of an accident.
There were no answers to be had for my questions
no ease of the depth of the ache.
I picked up the Hummingbird Gibson
and I simply asked her to sing.


  1. Well penned, Andrea. She definitely WAS such a tragic loss, but I am glad her music lives on.

  2. yeah...i think asking her to sing was just exactly the right thing to some questions are no answers but for each is a song...i like

  3. there are some questions we will never have answered...and the conversation cant cover, so having her sing...sounds like the perfect solution...smiles....

  4. That's what I would do! Your description of her voice is perfect.

  5. I love the storm, I love the sky.. This feels like a conversation I would have with myself.

  6. A wonderful, and I guess a song is what I would ask for first as well.

  7. Oh yes, perfect, to hear her sing, in person, would be the best gift of all.

  8. To sing that's where all her words were...with such a voice you'd have to ask her to sing.

  9. A song would be nice, wouldn't it?

  10. You had me at Whiskey poured over rocks... no really you did...its Saturday night and time to pour a scotch whiskey, without the rocks though. If it were me sitting beside her she would have laughed at my dumb founded look. Well done.

  11. Good job Andrea... especially with the whiskey voice poured over rocks...

  12. I was going to write the same thing as Patricia!

  13. ...wonderful take & did give her justice with your descriptions & that finale stanza... i enjoyed it... smiles...

  14. thanks for all the great comments! I had such fun with this prompt.

  15. brought back a lot of memories of that time, she was a jewel inside the rock

    esp liked,

    "Slightly askew, slightly unhinged,
    but her smile was all that I could see"

    thought it very creative to finish off the who of the poem with her singing to us directly, very nice touch

    also, hadn't seen script scroll over a background image like this before, also very creative - very interesting site & work andrea, thank you ;-)