Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Tic-Toc and moments pass

the hourglass of time.

Precious seconds, minutes, hours

time that won’t come again.

Bed time came and went last night

anti-climactic at best.

I’d been waiting all day after the night before

of lying restlessly awake.

I stayed up as late as I could

but the time finally came.

Down the hall to my darkened room

and a warm and comfy bed.

I knew before I wanted to admit it

that sleep was not going to come.

Yet I lay there quietly beckoning

knowing it was all in vain.

I tried every trick in my little book,

a guided meditation.

I got up and watched tv awhile

and even had a snack.

Nothing worked and my tired,

sleepless body started to ache.

My head began to hurt and my eyes to burn

this was never going to work.

I gave in to trying as the hours passed

the longest night of my life.

As each minute moved on the face of the clock

I swear I heard a laugh.

At 2 am I heard the rumbling

of the neighbor’s washing machine.

I guess I’m not the only one

with insomnia tonight.


  1. small comfort in know ing you are not the only one...ugh...i have had a few nights...kinda glad it is not on a regular basis you know....you capture the feel of it though...

  2. Fighting for sleep is never fun...our bodies' clocks need to be reset sometimes...;)

  3. your words leave my body twitching, remembering years of such restless nights

  4. Maybe you and the neighbor should get together! Have some decaf tea! You describe well the irritations of insomnia. k.

  5. Reading always does it for me. My thing is not getting to sleep, it's staying asleep. I get up really early every day, and sometimes have to talk myself into getting a couple hours more sleep before I get up. I LOVE mornings, even if they're the middle of the night!

  6. After a night without sleep, I can relate.
    Mark Butkus

  7. ha...probably you're not... it's terrible if you can't sleep at night and know that you have to get up in the morning anyway..ugh...had nights like this as well and tried counting sheep and everything.. mostly it's because the head is too full with stuff we didn't manage to process during the day

  8. Isn't that just the worst feeling in the world? I could relate to every word of this.