Thursday, March 21, 2013

lost and found

Tonight in the dverse pub....
Meeting the Bar: Negative Capability
A poet, then, has the power to bury self-consciousness, dwell in a state of openness to all experience, and identify with the object contemplated.
it’s dark in here and sometimes
I can’t see what I possess
only by touching and feeling
can I discern the things I hold
a set of keys, a wedding ring
sunglasses, a hot wheels car
a journal bound in leather
a pen with the cap chewed off
a vast array of broken toys
 a doll without a head
a half empty pack of gum
a lighter with no flint
I hold these things within me
safe inside these walls
no rhyme or reason
to the organization
things lying all around
in a flash of light
I see my collection
covering up the floor
recognizable because I have held them
while they wait for your return
as a mitten falls upon my head
and the light goes out again
I return to feeling the weight
of the treasure in my hands


  1. interesting...i think the treasures we choose to hold onto say much of us, you know...i wonder at the signifigance of the ones you chose to include there within you...interesting as well that you end with not the treasures...but the weight of what you carry

  2. I loved this. So engrossing and contemplative and yet whimsical (mitten falling on head, flash of light, etc). Really well-done :D

  3. feeling the weight of treasure in my hand....that's the part that touched me most cause there is weight in the most random things we collect and hold over the years..

  4. I have drawers like that - but no man-bag. Really enjoyed reading this.