Friday, March 22, 2013

Reasons to stay asleep

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes,

shaking the fog from my mind.

I awaken with the feel

of you on my skin.

I am startled for a moment,

actually reach for you.

And the ache retains its shape

as I remember where I am.

The night that we just spent together

oh, the things we did!

Was just a trick of the dark

my mind running away with me.

Lately I’ve been reminiscing

walking through the pages of our tale.

Last night was the page where hollow

was no longer empty but now whole.

Where ink etched on skin

left indelible evidence of us.

I guess that’s why you came

to see me in my sleep.

It’s the only place that I will ever

see that you again.

The you that you were when

you were truly with me.

You wrapped yourself around me

making sure I don’t forget.

That I will never love again

as I loved you.


  1. This is so very beautifully written.

  2. "And the ache retains its shape"


  3. A little bittersweet and a little haunting. This tears very smoothly. Very nice.