Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Elastic Heart

What would you tell a heart

that had a crush on you?

Would you tell it to go back inside

and close the door as it went?

Would you tell it to turn out the light

to take its toys and go home?

Would you tell that it was not welcome here

and could no longer come over and play?

Would you tell it to throw away your words

and forget the sound of your voice?

Would you tell it that taking a chance

was something it should be punished for?

A crush is well intentioned

something light and free.

It’s kind of like a tickle

something that makes you smile.

I ask you because I know you’ve had

a crush or two in your time?

 I wonder what you said to yours

and what advice you had.

Did you tell it to be elastic

to bend and not to break?

Did you tell it to stretch itself to test

the reality of its strength?

Did you tell it that it was all ok

that it was just a simple crush.

Or did you tell it that everything was different now

and this was all just too much?

A crush, as I said, is simple,

it’s not unrequited love.

It’s not desperation and longing

it’s a balloon cut loose from its string.

It’s taking a ride on a swing

forward and then back.

You always end up at the starting point

there is comfort in knowing that.

Maybe it’s not even a crush

maybe it’s just a smile.

It’s being outside in the warmth of the sun

where I haven’t been in such a long time.



  1. I can't believe the perfection of the timings. In your poem, you have incredibly dug out and sorted most of my current dilemmas and thoughts. And I need to tell you that you have a beautiful style of writing. Simple and smooth and thought-provoking. I loved it..

  2. Thank you so much! I'm touched by your words.