Wednesday, March 6, 2013

13 days

Something fractured, broken

something forever changed.

To never again be the soul

that I once so dearly loved.

I’ve lost that innate smile

that lightness in my heart.

I’ve lost the will to dream those dreams

that moved me through each day.

I’m doing it, don’t get me wrong

moving through some life.

But not the one I wanted

it’s gone and that’s all there is.

I get it, I know, that’s life and it changes

and roll with it, I have.

But I can’t seem to get to a place

where this isn’t all there is.

I really just want to throw in the towel

but I’ve been sober for 13 days.

The fight is daily, the battle fierce

and my resolve is foreign to me.

I don’t really know where the fight is coming from

the determination to be more than this.

But it is carrying me quite literally

on newly formed muscle and wings.

Physical strength taking the place

of the heart that once fueled my soul.

Spirit gone yet something remains

but it is hollow and shallow now.
Open Link Night Week 86


  1. Hang in there. Where there's life there's hope. You'll be dancing soon!

  2. I know the feeling all to well, and one thing I can tell you is, no, this is not all there is. Do the best you can do every day!

  3. 13 days is a great start....hopefully you have someone to walk this road with you...that def helped me along in my own journey....

  4. I admire your honesty in this poem and your resolve. One day at a time. And you will find that lightness in your heart again! 13 days can be the beginning of the rest of your life.

  5. I know these feelings so well-expressed. Don't give up.

  6. Congratulations on 13 days! I promise, it gets better.