Wednesday, March 20, 2013

sometimes the only response...

This was written in response to the prompt from Poets United.
Verse First ~ Reaction
It's a little intense, so I recommend only mature readers.
It begins slowly, simply,
a flutter in the breeze.
Something moving deep beneath
the surfaces unseen.
It comes to life in breaths inhaled
then exhaled out again.
Growing, taking shape
within a space that is too small.
The first reaction something like
an itch that I can’t scratch.
An irritation, stinging
it starts a silent burn.
Pressure builds, mass expands
discomfort states its name.
Face to face we stand
with fists raised high.
Armed for this battle
I am poised for my attack.
Ready for war
I will not let you win.
Stifle, beat you, take you down
go back to where you came.
I will not let you show your face
in this place again.
Feverishly running faster
I will stay ahead.
You will chase me away from here
and this will pass.
It’s too much now to sit here
and to let this all transpire.
I feel too much
and so I make the cut.


  1. Your words build a crescendo of emotion and anxiety so convincingly. And that last line, in smaller font, shamed. This piece accurately conveys the process leading to self-injury. You have explained it well.

  2. I love the two voices that merge. One of anger the one of resolution sadly the result is injury
    gr8 reaction piece

  3. This is intense, and gripping, really holds the reader. The last line really brings it home, painfully so.

  4. Great power and strength in these words that make my hair stand on end. It really is gripping.

  5. A very intense struggle, with reaction well described.

  6. You have written this well. I understand deeply feeling too much. I am often guilty....

  7. Kim called it "a crescendo of emotion and anxiety", a very powerful description with which I tend to agree here. Well written and expressed, Andrea!

  8. thank you all very much. this a very powerful topic and the prompt in my opinion really opened a door to cover it.