Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A sign of spring?

I wake up slowly listening

to the soft, quiet, sounds of morning.

Coffee percolating drip by drip

as the new day beckons, ‘come to life’.

Birds are making their music out there

they know what this day means.

Today the length of day and night

will almost be the same.

Spring has come, the Equinox

as the earth moves around the sun.

Bringing the season of warmth and change

 and with it a feeling of hope.

This morning although there is still a chill

in this wondrous, tingling air.

Something is carried along by the breeze

a thing that I cannot describe.

Last night as I lay awake in bed

as so often I tend to do.

Stuck in that loop of trying to process

things that I cannot change.

I took a leap, took a chance,

tried to make a change.

I used words as they were intended

to connect two sides of a thought.

Like walking across a bridge

when you are afraid that you will drown.

With shaking legs and knuckles white

from desperately holding on.

The simple and strange resolution

was that I got to the other side.

I heard applause, which were probably just in my mind,

encouraging me along.

So I filled up the rest of the night

taking in other peoples words.

And letting myself feel them

however they touched me.

At one point it got a little rough

so I put the words away.

I laid back down in the safety of my bed

and drifted off to sleep.

I relaxed, released, the grasp

that I hold on so many things.

To keep me in this shell protected

from ever hurting again.

The reality is I hurt all the time

and in here there is just me.

Maybe letting go of that grip

is a beautiful sign of Spring.




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