Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too much and Never enough

Why can you only see your reflection

in someone else’s eyes?

Why can you only stand up

when you lean on someone else?

The self, by definition,

is you and you alone.

But you keep looking for someone else

to show you who you are.

You made a decision some time ago

to forge this road alone.

To take the untraveled path

to places never seen.

When you came to the fork you faltered

and ended up right back here.

You’ve felt this before, you’ll feel it again

this is how you move.

In circles, with blinding repetition

around and around again.

Seeing yourself through someone’s eyes

isn’t really what you wanted at all.

It’s glaring, it’s cold, it’s distant, it’s hard

to stand there for any length of time.

All you ever really wanted

was for someone to see you as you are.

But you shouldn’t have to ask them to look

they should be asking you.

After wanting that for so long

it's now just a wide open wound.


  1. A strong poem here... And good advice. A person should NOT have to have someone else validate them. Everyone should just be who they are and be accepted for that.

  2. you keep looking for someone else
    to show you who you true we often look to others
    to define us...and validate who we are...
    sadly this is reality for many....