Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keep Me

This was inspired by something I read this morning that resonated with me.
Thank you to the author of that work.
I am raw and bleeding
exposed and standing alone.
I am naked in the eyes of anyone who looks
but none of them ever see.
The burning ache, the raw and ravaged
surface of my skin.
That simply tries to cover
what is hiding beneath,  stripped bare.
Defenseless as a child
crying with the need to be held.
No solace comes, no relief of the pain
the distress now the mask that I wear.
Trapped in the dark of this silence
where no one can hear me scream.
Simply wanting to be heard
even if not understood.
To catch the glimpse of a knowing eye
not seeing that face blindly turn .
To be taken into loving arms
that make this all  go away.
Keep me safe and keep me warm
keep me close within.
Keep me near enough that I can touch you
and know that you are there.


  1. A very vulnerable feeling to your words. Nicely done.

  2. Such intensity to this...really enjoyed!