Friday, March 8, 2013


Where do I live?

I have an address, but is this where I am home?

I’m not sure where my home is now

I’m trying to find myself.

I left sunny Southern California

to start a life in love.

Off to the windy city

and the one who filled my dreams.

We left there together a short while later

following life wherever it lead.

We landed in that little Virginia town

built around a school.

A place so beautiful to look at

it was hard to see anything else.

When one day the clarity hit me

and I found myself alone.

I knew I didn’t live there

that was not my life.

But there was now nowhere for me to go ‘home’ to

I just knew I had to leave.

I followed the path of my career

and ended up here at the beach.

From my home and life on the west coast

I have travelled all the way east.

I don’t know that I really live here either

or if this is what I would call home.

But I am trying to carve out a niche

to find some place to belong.

It’s strange here, not like home at all

unless I have my feet in the sand.

Listening to the rolling and lapping of the waves

tickling the edge of the beach.

Winter on an east coast beach is tough,

it’s been dark and cloudy and grey.

It almost mirrors the way I feel most days

I am quietly waiting for Spring.

I haven’t really connected yet,

to anyone or anything.

But I know I am here for a reason

to learn something about myself.


  1. i know i am here for a reason....that is about the best i can think at times...i am still stuck in that town in VA built around a school....ha....were you in Lynchburg or charlottesville i wonder...if so you were where i am....a relief to the beach would not be a bad thing at all...smiles...

  2. a felt poem...the beach seems to be a home to you and it will help in the search for where you most want to settle physically; you are are your own home, where ever you go...;)

  3. I've lived many places in my life and have to believe that home is inside of us. You express that part of us that is nomadic. Temporary travelers living temporary lives.

  4. I have lived many places also, but there wasn't always a connection in every one. I miss the beach myself, I grew up around water, but for some reason I am quite content living inland now. We are all in the places we are for a reason. Good luck in your new home.