Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Weight

I am long and lean and agile,

I am sleek, svelte, strong.

I am no longer trapped within the prison

that my physical form became.

My body now moves as commanded

in ways that it never has.

I no longer lumber and struggle

exhausted at the effort’s expense.

I note the changes in movement

in the feel of the clothes on my skin.

In the sounds as my feet hit the floor

in my breath as I rise up the stairs.

I feel freer in ways than I ever have

as if flight were possible now.

Yet the weight that resides within me

seems to have taken on a new depth.

I can’t seem to shake that feeling

of something dragging me down.

It’s almost like a whisper

or a melody’s refrain.

It is ever there and present

like something beneath the skin.

Growing and stretching me to my limits

until I don’t recognize myself.

When I move I feel the grace and ease

of becoming something else.

The shape and form and expression

of everything that I am.

But sitting here I feel it again

the heaviness of that weight.

I think that’s why I avoid mirrors now

I will see that it is still there.
OpenLinkNight ~ Week 88


  1. mmm....to feel that freedom and have it snatched away as well...when you look in the mirror...like coming back to reality....

  2. Wow, this is magical and ethereal. Amazing to feel the grace and ease of becoming something else, if ONLY for a moment!