Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You are there

It’s just a constant struggle

a series of back and forth movement.

An up and down cycle

a desperate need for change.

Growth comes slowly

in tiny, fragile steps.

In words repeated over and over

until they are ringing in your head.

You have to cry and ache and mourn

sing funeral songs and weep.

You have to struggle, fight, and bleed

all in the name of love.

It’s now in vain, of course,

as the love no longer exists.

But trying to heal and find you again

in the aftermath of what was.

It’s so sick and twisted and shameful

that this is what becomes.

Of a life lived together and hearts once joined

as they are cast off and left on the ground.

It’s all just temporary, passing of time

until someone else comes along.

No one ever really heals

they just transfer it on to the next.

That’s why I’ve given up on all of this ‘love’

this ‘commitment’, this ‘forever’.

I don’t need it, don’t want it, won’t go there again

there is no point when all of it just ends.

We become memories and strangers

in a simple moment’s time.

And there is always one who is treated

with so much less than care.

I’m sorry but it’s not worth

the cost of all this loss.

When we were a family, now I’m here

and you are there.


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