Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selfishness and karma~a love story

What’s striking is the irrelevance

of anything that gets in your way.

I can only say this now

as I have been on both sides.

I was once the one you wanted

the one who took all your time.

The one you gave all of your energy to

the one who was your world.

I was the one who you whispered to

as you stole away time on the phone.

I was the one you had inappropriate

moments with more than once.

Now I stand on the other side

where the view has certainly changed.

And the inappropriate things are with someone else

and this has all ‘been done’ to me.

I am the one who had to watch you

fall in love with someone else.

The one who had to hear you say

it’s not about you, it’s me.

It doesn’t matter who it’s about

when you are the one feeling it's affects.

The feelings and effects are quite different

when you stand on this side of things.

So maybe karma has done this to me

and maybe it was just you.

Doing what you do and being who you are

either way I am paying for my role.

The role I played in ending up here

when all I did was fall in love.

With the wrong girl at the wrong time

and I chose not to do the right thing.

I heard what I wanted to hear

and did what I wanted to do.

It was the first time I’d ever done that in my life

and it was a lesson I’ll never forget.

The guilt, the pain and the lack of being able

to look myself in the eye.

Changed me forever and took away from me

the way that I once stood with pride.

I had always done the right thing

even when it caused me such pain.

The one time I put myself before anyone else

and this is where I land…

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