Sunday, July 8, 2012


Stark, empty and quiet

there is only me here now.

The silence is palpable and sentient

and there is nothing but feeling in me.

I dream in vivid color

I feel in images and frames.

Pieces of memory wrapped in wishes of things

that I know will just never come.

But dreaming I will keep doing

in the quiet and safe of my heart.

Where it cannot be taken away from me

and I can keep it all to myself.

I don’t want to share me anymore

with anyone or anything.

I am scared and scarred and frightened

of all that can be stolen away.

I am lonely in general but not with myself

I like the person I am.

I am honest and sacred and strong and pure

and I wouldn’t know how to hurt.

Someone or something or anyone

it’s always me with the scars.

Me who ends up alone and adrift

me with no one but me.

So I think I’ll just stay here alone and dream

and then face the real world each day.

I’ll become the illusion in motion and in act

and no one has to know the real me.

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