Saturday, July 21, 2012

What you will find~

Find some peace, find your strength

find something you can hold.

Find just one thing about yourself

that will make you smile.

Take that thing and hold it tight

and keep it safe inside.

Draw from it when things

get dark and quiet.

You are worth believing in

you are something to behold.

You are everything

and you are more than enough.

You are falling now and struggling

with all that’s come to pass.

But you can overcome this

yes, you can succeed.

It’s always dark before the dawn

and the light will surely shine.

Shine again

upon your beautiful face.

You will sing and you will dance

and you will open up your arms.

You will find some way

to find your way again.

Cold and hollow and empty

are just places for you to rest.

To fall down and rebuild

all that has crashed around you.

But hope springs up like a beacon

and lights those empty halls.

As you move forward, onward, and inward

in the journey to you.

You will be there waiting

when you find yourself again.

And you will recognize that

so very little has changed.

You will be who you always were

just stronger from the fight.

Your beauty shining

once you free it from its cage.  

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