Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I’m tired of how much time

you still take up in my day.

Tired of the wearying sound

that has begun to surround your name.

I’m tired of all the images

that I can’t get out of my mind.

So much so that I’ve begun

to say ‘stop’ out loud.

I tell my mind to let go of the images

tell it to move on to something else.

Somehow I still can’t get my heart to listen

the poor little thing is still drowning in so much pain.

I guess that now it’s more of letting go

more of letting all the stupid dreams die.

More of just trying to forget everything about you

so I can move on the way that everyone else seems to do.

I won’t be moving on to anyone else

you have forever cured me of the illusion of being in love.

Why would I open myself and let someone in again

it always turns out the same way after all.

This love, these promises, these declarations we make

are simply smoke and mirrors in pretty words.

They will stand here now as fact as long as they suit you

but are as easily cast aside with a change in the wind.

You cannot play games

with words and feelings such as these.

There are consequences

and one day you will see.

That you are leaving behind

 trails of the broken hearted.

Those once so devoted who will now

never speak to you again.


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