Saturday, July 7, 2012

Morning Ache

Everything happens for a reason

yes, I’ve heard that now more times than I can count.

One day you’ll see that what you learned

was something that made you stronger.

Well of course it’s going to make me stronger

and give me that hard and shiny edge.

I’m learning how to live my life

totally and completely alone.

I’m here in this place without anyone

trying to get though each day.

While just across town I know you are there

living your new life with her.

While I was busy trying to live

our life and take care of us.

You were busy building a relationship

online with someone else.

Then off you ran after “something that was missing”

to find “what you needed for you”.

I think that’s really the hardest thing

to accept in all of this.

That it wasn’t any of the reasons you told me

it was just so you could be with her.

The disrespect, the lies and deceit

have negated the life that we once had.

It’s taken away everything

that ever existed between us.

So as far as things happening for a reason

I’m a little bitter on that point.

None of it had to happen like this

and the fallout is now my life.

And now as I plan to move away from here

from the town where I moved for you.

I am terrified and miserably frightened

because for me there is no going home.

I am going off on my own

because it is either that or succumb.

To the terrible state that you left me in

and have not once asked if I was ok.

So much for us staying friends

and helping each other get through this.

You would have said anything to get rid of me

just so you could get to her.

I am such a fool and feel that role

each day as I move through this.

I loved you with complete devotion

and now I am completely alone.

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