Monday, July 9, 2012

The tales of dreams~

That was brutal, this last set of dreams

my subconscious mind at work.

Dream always sounds like such an ethereal word

yet the reality is so far from that.

These dreams that come late in the morning

after I have lain awake for hours.

When my thoughts are busy taking their shape

and my fears being realized.

I dream of things that are too close to real

there is some lesson in this, I know.

The things that I am trying too hard to grasp

are laid out here at my feet.

I dream of leavings and wanderings

I dream of distance far and near.

I dream of harsh words telling me no

I dream of being made to walk alone.

There are messages and secrets and learnings deep

there are things that I never need to see again.

It’s all there in the soft grey of the twilight

yet it is screaming as if crystal clear.

I should have listened long ago

to the dreams where I fell from the sky.

As I would come crashing down to the ground

and with a startling jolt I would wake.

I should have listened as I ran in fear

yet could never quite run fast enough.

Something was always one step behind

waiting to eat me alive.

There were messages there loud and clear

yet I would simply curl into you to be safe.

Now as I dream there is nowhere to hide

the images line the walls of my room.

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