Sunday, July 8, 2012

Residual Junk

It doesn’t even matter what you thought you lost

or what either of us has or hasn’t found.

It doesn’t matter that I lie alone awake each night

or that you are somewhere sleeping like a stone.

It doesn’t matter that my tears still fall from me each day

or that sadness covers my heart like a veil.

It doesn’t matter that I am a thin and healthy shell

or that inside I am still hollow and empty.

What matters now is simply that this is all there is

and that there’s nothing left to do but accept.

What matters is that you got what you wanted

and that I got whatever was left.

What matters is I don’t have anybody here

and that I was already supposed to be gone.

What matters is once again I’m stuck on someone else’s clock

and waiting for my life to start again.

What’s left is all these thoughts I can’t let go

I scream at myself daily to just stop!

What’s left is me broken and trying to heal

and the illusion I create that I am doing just fine.

What’s left is nothing and I just can’t believe

that this is really all that’s left of us.

What’s left is some memories and a picture here and there

and the bitter taste of hate and what was lost.

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